Christmas in Strasbourg, France: Everything You Need to Know About Strasbourg Christmas Markets

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For me, the holiday season is the most magical time of the year and while I will always be home for Christmas, I absolutely love spending part of the holiday season in Europe experiencing Europe’s best Christmas markets. Germany and Austria tend to be the favourites with big cities like Vienna and Nuremberg taking the lead when it comes to Christmas markets in Europe. However, after two visit’s I’m here to convince you that Strasbourg Christmas markets deserve a spot on your list too. 


Teddy bears decorating a house in Strasbourg at Christmas

Strasbourg, France is located in the Alsace region and is known for being a beautiful fairytale town. While most images of this city show the colourful homes covered in flowers during the spring and summer months, the truth is it might be at its most magical during the Christmas season. After all, Strasbourg is known as the Capital of Christmas.

Strasbourg is said to have one of the oldest (possibly THE oldest) Christmas market in all of Europe, dating back to 1570. Today, that single market has expanded into 12 markets spread across the heart of the Old Town. There are more than 300 stalls to explore, thousands of twinkling lights lining the streets, and buildings that look like they were decorated by the elves of Santa’s toy shop. It’s a Christmas wonderland and an absolute must for anyone wanting to get into the holiday spirit. Here’s everything you need to know about the Strasbourg Christmas markets.

Strasbourg Christmas Markets: How to Get There and Where to Stay

Strasbourg is located close to the border of Germany. It’s easy to get to by train from other regions in France (I took a direct train from Paris) or by car if you are driving.

The Strasbourg Christmas markets are located in old Strasbourg, which is located on an island in the middle of the city. It’s about a 10-minute walk from the train station, which isn’t too bad at all, and I highly recommend staying in this area.

Keep in mind, if you stay at one of the hotels by the Notre Dame Cathedral or Kleber Square then you will be in the busiest and most touristic parts of the city. This may be fine, or you may find it a bit chaotic. Old Town is very walkable so I suggest maybe finding somewhere down a quieter side street so you can escape if you need to. During my most recent stay I chose BOMA Easy Living which was fantastic. 

For more suggestions on where to stay for Strasbourg Christmas markets take a look at: 

Strasbourg Christmas Market Locations and Times

Santas at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg has about a dozen Christmas markets totalling about 300 stalls. The markets vary in size. A few of them are large but some are just a few stalls tucked in a little square. That being said, they are all worth checking out. 

Christmas markets in Strasbourg open around 11am (although a few stalls will open a bit earlier) and close by 8pm which is a little early compared to other European Christmas markets. However, since the sun sets around 4:30 you still have lots of time to see the markets and streets all lit up at night.

Here’s a list of the Strasbourg Christmas market locations:

  • Place Kléber: Where you’ll also find the giant Christmas tree- the symbol of Christmas in Strasbourg. 
  • Place Broglie: The Christkindelsmarik, which is said to the the original Strasbourg Christmas market
  • Place du Marche-aux-Poissons, Patio of the Palais Rohan, and Rue Rohan: Food and drink based markets. Expect wine, local cookies, foie gras, and beers
  • Place du Temple-Neuf
  • Place de la Cathédrale: The Christmas market by the Cathedral, one of the bigger ones
  • Place Gutenberg: A Lebanese village, expect lots of yummy foods! 
  • Place Benjamin Zix
  • Place des Meuniers: This market is dedicated to local Alsatian products and businsses
  • Place Grimmeissen: The OFF market which features second hand and fair trade products
  • Place Saint-Thomas
  • Place du Marché Gayot The Elves’ Workshop
  • Place du Château 

Strasbourg Christmas Markets: What Eat, Drink and Buy

Wonder what there is to buy at the Strasbourg Christmas markets Lots! Like most Christmas markets there is a good mix of goods for sale. From Christmas decorations to jewellery, artwork to accessories. There are tons of food options as well; mulled Alsace wine (red or white), cider, and hot chocolate for drinking while you are there, or bottles of wine to take with you. I also saw some craft beer stalls which were very interesting. There are plenty of chocolatiers, candy makers, and traditional Alsace cookies called bredele. You’ll also find hot dogs, baguette sandwiches, crepes, as well as some culinary dishes from different cultures including couscous and falafel.

Of course, some of the items for sale are cheesy knickknacks, but there are definitely some good finds too. I was excited to see a Kathe Wohlfahrt stall by the Notre Dame Cathedral. If you’ve never been, they have some of the most beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Strasbourg at Christmas: The Best Lights and Displays for Photographs

You don’t get the name ‘the capital of Christmas’ for nothing. Strasbourg completely turns into a Christmas village during the holiday season with some of the best lights and displays I’ve seen. You’ll want to keep your eyes open (and up!) everywhere you go, but there are some spots you definitely want to make sure that you find during your visit. My favourites include:

The Carré D’Or Area

Shops decorated for Christmas in Carre D'Or, Strasbourg

This little neighbourhood, not too far from the Cathedral, is one of the prettiest spots in the whole city. A couple of streets here are fully decked on from glittering light strands to greenery on doorways and teddy bear, polar bears, penguins, nutcrackers, and glittering stars above the shops. The streets can be a bit of a maze to find, so your best bet is to search for a store called ‘La Maison de Hanssen &Gretel’ which is in the heart of these streets. Wander around here and you will not be disappointed!

Notre Dame Cathedral

Strasbourg Christmas Market in the evening with the angel lights in front of the Cathedral


The Notre Dame Cathedral is beautiful from several points, but I think the best is from Rue Merciere. There are angel lights the line the street framing the tower of the Cathedral and it is stunning to see.

Teddy Bear House

Teddy bear house at Christmas in Strasbourg, France

Teddy bears are a common decoration on the buildings in Strasbourg, I can think of at least several places where I’ve seen them. However, this Teddy Bear House which can be found beside the restaurant ‘Le Gruber’ and was my favourite. 

The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree in Strasbourg, France all lit up at night

It can’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree, and Strasbourg has a beautiful huge one that can be found at Kleber Square. Each year has a different theme to the decorations, when I visited in 2017 (photo above) the theme was ‘the toys of yesteryear’. 

For all of the above spots, I recommend visiting both during the day and at night. The lights at night make it magical but during the day it’s easier to see the detail of the decorations and displays!

Strasbourg Christmas Market Safety

Market stalls at Strasbourg Christmas market in France

In 2018, the Strasbourg Christmas markets were the scene of a deadly terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 5 and injury of 11. As a result of this attack, and similar attacks that have taken place over the past couple of year around Europe, there has been a huge increase in security efforts around the Old Town and the Christmas markets.

As you cross the bridges into the old town you will pass through security checkpoints. Those with luggage (from backpacks, to purses, to suitcases) may be asked to open their luggage for inspection. It’s not particularly invasive, but do expect to have your belongings searched.

You will also notice dozens of police, military, and security guards patrolling the city and the markets. Military members do carry guns. However, remember, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is a safety precaution. I’ve been to the Strasbourg Christmas markets twice now, each time for a few days, and have never felt unsafe.

Other Things to do in Strasbourg at Christmas

Petite France, Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Christmas markets are absolutely magical and the highlight of a visit to Strasbourg at Christmas. However, this pretty little town does have more to offer. I also suggest taking some time to explore the following:

  • Petite France: One of the most picturesque areas of Strasbourg. It’s best known for its half-timbered houses.
  • The Notre-Dame Cathedral: it’s free to go in and inside you can find an astronomical clock. You can also climb up to a platform where you will be rewarded with views over the city (there is a fee for this).
  • The Covered Bridges: One of the most photographed parts of the city.

Final Tips for Visiting the Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Christmas market stalls in a square in Strasbourg, France

Ready to visit the Strasbourg Christmas markets? Good choice! But, before you go, here are a few tips and recommendations from someone who’s been.

  • Try to come during the week rather than a weekend. I arrived on a Sunday and the markets were PACKED. To the point where I kind of just got dragged along with the crowd. However, it was much quieter during the week which gave me time to really explore the stalls.


  • Book well in advance. As I said, Strasbourg is the Capital of Christmas which means it’s a hotspot for the holiday season. Not only do you risk not finding a place to stay, but, prices can also skyrocket. 


  • Strasbourg is small, but makes for a great base to visit nearby towns and markets. I used one of my days to visit Colmar, another fairytale village that was also a Christmas wonderland. Check out my Colmar Christmas Markets post.
  • Make sure that markets are open when you come! The dates change every year and should be advertised online at the Strasbourg tourism website. They usually kick off the last week of November, but check online to confirm ahead of time!


  • Dress warmly, but, also be prepared for rain. It wasn’t too cold when I visited (by Canadian standards). It was also rainy during my first visit, so I definitely recommend bringing a travel umbrella.


  • Bring a backpack or reusable bag for your purchases. A lot of the vendors are trying to be eco-friendlier and cut down on plastic so will often just hand you your purchase wrapped in a bit of tissue paper. Those that do have bags, the bags tend to be tiny and don’t have handles. Bring along a backpack or reusable bag that you can use to carry around your purchases. (I love and use this foldup daypack).


Without a doubt, the Strasbourg Christmas markets are some of the best I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend a visit! I know I’ll be returning!

A guide to Strasbourg Christmas Markets

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