The Salzburg Krampus Run: A Unique Christmas Tradition

Salzburg Krampus Run

When I was travelling around Europe for the Christmas Markets I expected to see plenty of Santas and maybe a few elves and reindeer. What I didn’t expect to find was a giant, hairy, devil-looking creature known as Krampus; essentially a Christmas demon who has his own celebration called Krampusnacht or Krampus Run. This event…

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Experience the Magic of Christmas in London with these Festive Activities

London at Christmas

Flashing lights, roller coasters, and festive afternoon tea. Christmas in London isn’t as traditional or old-world as in some other European destinations like, say, Christmas in Vienna, but there’s something about the Holiday season in London that still gets me excited. There are London’s Christmas markets which range from carnival-esque fairs to quaint German-style wooden…

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Nuremberg Christmas Markets: The Ultimate Guide

Nuremberg Christmas market tents lined up in front of a gothic church

Germany is king when it comes to Christmas markets and while I love so many that this country has to offer, I think the Nuremberg Christmas Market takes the cake. Or, maybe in this case the lebkuchen which is German gingerbread for those who don’t know. After all, we are talking about Christmas here! So,…

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European Christmas Market Itinerary by Train

teddy bear decorations on a building in Strasbourg, France

If you are a regular reader then you already know that I LOVE Christmas markets. Ever since I discovered that they existed way back in 2011 when I travelled for the first time, I’ve been kind of obsessed. The holiday season may be cold in Europe, but it’s so darn magical and hands down one…

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Experience the Magic of Paris at Christmas with These Festive Ideas

Paris at Christmas

I love Paris and I love Christmas, so getting to see Paris at Christmas was pretty, well, magical. I’m no stranger to exploring Europe during the Christmas season. After all, Europe’s Christmas markets are basically my version of Disneyworld. But, there’s something about the way that Paris does the Christmas season. It’s just that little…

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Solo Travel in Dubai: Is it Safe?

When I first mentioned I would be travelling solo to Dubai, UAE I was met with some hesitation from friends and family. After all, Dubai is in the Middle East which does have a reputation for being difficult for solo female travellers. I knew that Dubai was extremely westernized and not at all like Egypt.…

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What to Wear in Dubai: Dubai Packing List for Women

For me, packing is the worst part of travel. Especially as a solo female traveller who wants to be respectful but also look and feel good as I explore and, of course, take photos. Some destinations are harder to pack for than others and I struggled when trying to figure out what to wear in…

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How to Spend 4 Days in Dubai

Hannah in heart tunnel in Dubai's Miracle Gardens

So, you only have 4 days in Dubai, UAE? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. While four days may not seem like a lot of time in a destination, that’s actually a pretty good amount of time to spend in Dubai. Will you see everything? No. But, Dubai isn’t that big so you can see…

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ESBT Antarctica January 2025 *UP TO 20% OFF UNTIL DEC 4th*

Adorable Gentoo penguins shuffling along their penguin highways. A pudgy baby elephant seal, poking around our emergency supplies. A massive humpback whale, popping up beside us to eye our zodiac. Luminous blue icebergs sculpted by nature to look like ice castles. And glaciers too big for my brain to actually comprehend their size. This is…

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Is the Amex Platinum Card Worth it? Why I Say Yes

In 2019 I was talking to my friend Barry Choi of who happens to be a personal finance and travel expert. I was telling him how I was disappointed with my credit cards. I use Visa Home Trust when I travel since it gets rid of the foreign exchange fees. However, it doesn’t earn…

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The Best Things to do in Jerusalem for First-Time Visitors

Dome of the Rock

Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating cities I have ever been to. The mix of history and religion combined with a (surprisingly) cool nightlife scene and some great foodie spots made it fun to explore. I’ve been to Jerusalem many times so for those looking for any first time visitors looking for inspiration, here…

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2 Week Israel & Palestine Itinerary

Cotton candy sunset from Tel Aviv Beach

The land of Israel and Palestine is one of the most fascinating places in the world. From the rich history to the religious importance to Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities, and incredible food scene there is so much to see, learn and experience. So, how do you figure out what…

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Tel Aviv Food Guide: My Foodie Favourites

Hannah and Brittany at Cafe Cucu

When people asked me why I chose to use Tel Aviv as a base for a few months I had several reasons. However, without a doubt, the food was one of them. This part of the world has some of the best, freshest, most delicious food I have ever had in my travels. From street-food…

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