Helsinki Cathedral

The Best of Helsinki in 1 Day

By Hannah Logan - July 3, 2022
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Do you only have 1 day in Helsinki? It may sound daunting, but as someone who as done it before, it is absolutely do-able.  That being said, you may fall in love with the city (as I did) and wish you planned to stay longer (also, as I did) but before you get too far…

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Tallinn to Helsinki: A Day Trip with Tallink Silja

By Hannah Logan - April 28, 2014
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When I asked the owner of my hostel for directions to the port he drew a quick route on my map. “Ten minutes max” he promised me, “Twenty if you get super lost. But you won’t; the ships are huge so you will see them a mile away.” I gave myself the 20 minutes figuring…

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