The Salzburg Krampus Run: A Unique Christmas Tradition

Salzburg Krampus Run

When I was travelling around Europe for the Christmas Markets I expected to see plenty of Santas and maybe a few elves and reindeer. What I didn’t expect to find was a giant, hairy, devil-looking creature known as Krampus; essentially a Christmas demon who has his own celebration called Krampusnacht or Krampus Run. This event…

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The Best of: 1 Day in Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral

The capital of Austria is a stunning city and one that I clearly love to explore since I’ve now been four times. While I definitely recommend more than one day in the city, sometimes you’re on a time crunch. I’ve had two incidents where I’ve only had 1 day in Vienna; once I used it…

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Solo Dinner Gone Wrong

I have no problems eating alone at a restaurant. I do it often enough that it no longer phases me. I’ve learned to grab a seat at the bar and chat to the staff, or sit a small table in the corner with a book or magazine. When I don’t have those I’m happy to…

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