The Perfect 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco

Disclaimer: My 3 Day Sahara Desert tour in Morocco was sponsored by Get Your Guide. All opinions are my own.  I gazed out at the sea of golden sand dunes spread in front of me, stretching further than I could see. The ‘Arabian Nights’ song from Aladdin circled through my head as I watched the sun…

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How to Spend One Day in Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca was one of the cities that people told me not to bother with when I was planning my trip to Morocco. Of course, it’s also where I found the cheapest flight to. Figures. But, of course I booked the cheapest flight and planned on just spending one day in Casablanca before moving on to…

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Morocco’s Blue City: Is Chefchaoeun Actually Worth Visiting?

If you’ve done any research or know anything about Morocco, no doubt you’ve come across the beautiful blue coloured city Chefchaouen. Located in the northern part of the country, this small city has become the darling of photographers, instagrammers, and influencers. But, despite the fact that it is beautiful, is it actually worth visiting? I…

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How to Make the Most out of 2 Days in Fes, Morocco

Fez is the oldest city in Morocco and an absolute must see. With the largest tannery in Africa and a sprawling Medina packed with over 9700 streets, it’s definitely worth exploring for a couple of days. But what should you see and do? Where should you stay? And what should you be aware of? Here…

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What to Wear in Morocco: A Morocco Packing List for Women

Figuring out what to wear in Morocco was something I stressed out about a lot before I left. I scoured Instagram for inspiration but found everything from outfits with full sleeves and long pant legs to shorts and tank tops. Obviously, that didn’t help much. Thankfully, I’d already been to Egypt and Jordan, which are…

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