The Ultimate Croatia Itinerary: 2 weeks in Croatia


Is there a European destination that screams summer more than Croatia? Personally, I don’t think so. Gorgeous beaches, historic cities, majestic waterfalls, island hopping tours, sailing, and spectacular sunsets are just a few of the amazing things that Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast has to offer. Throw in the added perks of friendly locals, safe towns, and…

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Solo Travel in Croatia: Why I Love and Recommend it

Thinking about solo travel in Croatia? I’ll be the first to tell you- go for it.  Croatia was somewhere that I daydreamed about for years. Not surprising, given I live in Canada and our winters last, well, forever. So when I finally got to Croatia, it was perfection. I spent just under three weeks playing in…

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The Best Things to do in Hvar: Croatia’s Party Island

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I LOVED Croatia. Zadar was my favourite place that I visited when I spent a little over 2 weeks in Croatia, but the Island of Hvar was a close second. I loved checking out the massive yachts in the port, I loved strolling through the streets…

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The Best Things to do in Zadar, Croatia

After spending a little over 2 weeks in Croatia, I can easily say that Zadar was my favourite spot that I visited. It didn’t have the crowds of Split, the costs of Hvar, or the unfriendliness of Dubrovnik. To me, it felt more local than touristic and had more than enough to keep me busy…

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Dubrovnik, I’m Just Not That Into You

When you think about Croatia, the first city to come to mind is probably Dubrovnik. At least it was for me, and I couldn’t wait to get to this famous city. With it’s towering walls, and impressive history, I was more than a little excited to finally see Dubrovnik in real life. On paper, it was…

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How to Party Like a Rockstar in Hvar

Hvar is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It’s no wonder that superstar celebrities and billion dollar business men frequently call on this port. And while the city is beautiful to explore by day, the town definitely comes alive at night. So if you are headed to…

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