The Best Things to do in Mandalay (and What to Avoid!)

I visited Myanmar in 2015 but only had a week which meant I really only had time for two cities. Bagan was a must- there was no way I was missing those temples and sunrise moments that I had been dreaming about for years. My other option was either Yangon or Mandalay. Yangon was the…

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The Best of Bagan in 2 Days

Bagan in 2 Days

Myanmar (also known as Burma) has been one of those mysterious countries that most people know very little about and few people choose to travel to. In the past, the military control of the country had most tourists afraid or unwilling to venture into the South East Asian country, and those that did dare to…

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Skip the Crowds: The Best Place for Sunrise in Bagan

Sunrise in Bagan

Edit: Due to recent changes in Bagan, access to my secret temple (and every temple) is no longer permitted. Please take a look at my 2 days in Bagan guide for an updated version on where you can see sunrise in Bagan. I’ve chosen to keep this blog post up for my own memories but…

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21 Times the Burmese People Stole My Heart

Where are the kindest people in the world? It’s a popular question, and something everyone seems to have an answer to. But when I spoke of my plans to visit Myanmar the kindness of the people kept coming up. In fact, many told me that the Burmese were the nicest people they had ever met.…

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Has Tourism Already Ruined Myanmar?

Myanmar had been on my radar for over a year. I knew when I made my plans to come to Southeast Asia I HAD to visit, and although things were a bit up in the air with the election, and my original plan of 12 days was cut to 7, I made sure to make…

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