Romania in one week

The Best of Romania in 1 Week

By Hannah Logan - August 11, 2023
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When I was originally planning my one week in Romania I anticipated plenty of vampire legends and spooky gothic castles. However, after spending 1 week in Romania, I quickly learned that this European country has so much more to offer than creepy legends.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure how I would like Romania but…

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The Legend of Dracula & more of Romania’s Monsters

By Hannah Logan - October 30, 2017
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It was a dark and cloudy day in Transylvania as I climbed the hill approaching Bran Castle; home to the legend of Dracula. The centuries old fortress jutted out on the rocks overlooking Bran; it’s stone walls ominous and foreboding. There was a definite chill in the late September air and I could imagine myself as…

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Two Castles in One Day with Bucharest City Tours

By Hannah Logan - October 6, 2015
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Do you dream of amazing castles, love chasing legends, and adore beautiful scenery? If you have been following me for any time, you know I do. Which is in part why I wanted to go to Romania. Famous castles, vampire legends, and beautiful mountains? Sign me up! Of course, like with everywhere else, I was…

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