Hanauma Bay

Hawaii is a tropical island that is on many traveller’s must-visit list. From lush jungles with hidden waterfalls and wildlife to soft, sandy beaches. Colourful coral reefs teeming with marine life and powerful volcanoes. Hawaii is an island paradise. Unfortunately, a visit to these islands also tends to come with a hefty price tag. However,…

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Girl sitting on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii was somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years- ever since I saw Blue Crush actually (I might have even harboured secret dreams about being a surfer girl but, sadly, my surf lesson in Ireland proved that will never happen).  Throughout high school I doodled hibiscus flowers on all of my binders and notebooks, gazed longingly at…

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NYC Skyline

New York City is one of those places that is likely on everyone’s list to visit, especially for us women. The allure of the high fashion, the bright lights, and non-stop nightlife has everyone hungry for a taste. It’s the perfect destination for a girls getaway and in this post, I’m sharing the best things to…

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