Solo Travel in Bali: Why I Didn’t Love it

Solo Travel in Bali

When I booked my fights to Bali I was beyond excited. I imagined sandy beaches, beautiful rice terraces, tropical drinks, exotic temples, and first class dive sites.  It didn’t disappoint. The beaches were busy, but nice. The rice terraces were gorgeous to walk through (when it wasn’t pouring rain). The temples were great to explore and…

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Scuba Diving in Komodo National Park

manta Ray

Komodo National Park is best known for it’s unique inhabitants, the Komodo dragons, but those who scuba dive know that this part of the world is also home to some absolutely incredible dive sites as well. I visited Komodo early on as a diver. I only had 12 dives under my belt and most of…

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My Thirty Minutes with a Balinese Magic Man

Bali Magic man

“Just one moment please.” I stood outside a colourful house about 25 minutes outside of Ubud. My friends and I were the only foreigners around, watching as local children played badminton in the street, laughing and giggling in the warm sun. Unlike in other non-tourist places, these children paid us no attention, no doubt used…

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A Modern Luxury stay in Villa Lisa, Bali

Villa Lisa

I was exhausted. After 42 hours of travel from Ottawa to Bali I just wanted a shower and somewhere comfortable to sit, or preferably lay down. I stared out the window of the car as we left the bustling traffic of Seminyak behind and turned down a narrow street. The noise and activity suddenly ceased…

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