A Bologna Itinerary for Food Lovers

I ended up in Bologna by accident. Well, sort of. I didn’t take the wrong train or anything but it was a last minute decision after my plans in Venice fell through due to flooding. I’ll admit, Bologna was not my favourite city of Italy. I spent 2 full days there but, to be honest,…

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Bologna to San Marino: A San Marino Day Trip

During my most recent trip to Italy in November of 2019, I had planned on spending a few days in Venice. Unfortunately, that was also when Venice suffered from the horrific flooding so those plans were quickly cut. However, I still had a flight to Italy and needed to spend a few days in the…

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Things to do in Trieste, Italy

Trieste, Italy wasn’t really somewhere I ever expected to go until I found a cheap flight. I only spent two days in this coastal city and quickly came to appreciate its quiet charms. It may not have as much to do as Rome, be as beautiful as Venice, or have the foodie scene of Bologna,…

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Best Places to Travel Solo: Venice

Think Venice is only for couples on romantic vacations? I dare you to think again. Venice seems to be a hit or a miss with most people. A lot of visitors downplay this infamous city, claiming it’s too touristic, too expensive, or even too fake. I disagree. In fact,Venice is one of my favourite cities.…

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Stepping Back in Time with Walks of Italy

The morning sun shone on the recently washed walls of the Colosseum as I waited for my tour to start. Having a habit of getting lost I arrived early, but was greeted with a smile and checked in by the Walks of Italy representative who informed me my tour would start in about 15 minutes.…

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