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Hannah Logan walking through Temple Bar District, Dublin

As a frequent traveller I often get asked which companies and businesses I prefer to use and book with for my own adventures.  If you read through my content you'll see plenty of links to certain companies that I use as affiliates. An affiliate partnership means that should you choose to book or buy through my specific link, I will earn a small commission. Please note that this is at no extra cost to you. I'm paid directly by the businesses for advertising them.

I want to ensure you that I only partner with brands and businesses that I use personally for my own travels and have positive experiences with. Using them as an affiliate is beneficial to me as I can make recommendations that I feel good about, plus by making a small commission off the bookings, I'm able to continue the travel lifestyle that allows me to create and maintain this blog.

These are the main businesses and companies I recommend. Should you choose to book through these links I will earn a small commission which I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you for your support!

Hotels and Accommodation

I have two go-to's when it comes to accommodation: and I tend to use booking more because I'm a genius member (you get this status when you make multiple bookings through them) so I get extra perks including up to 15% off at some locations. Find my link here. is also pretty good. They have their book 10 nights get 1 free which is nice but the nights to expire so I don't love that. However, I think it's worth to compare pricing. Find my link here. 

Travel Insurance 

I've had to use travel insurance multiple times during my travels and always travel with it. I've used a few brands but my go-to now is SafetyWing. It's affordable, especially for those who travel long-term or have more of a nomadic life like I do. They also cover a lot of sports and activities including scuba diving which is important to me. You can find my SafetyWing link here.  Also, if you like, you can read a bit more about them and my own insurance experiences in this post.

Canadians might also like to look at soNomad. Their multi-trip product is especially helpful for individuals who travel out of country and out of province multiple times a year. Learn more here.

Tours and Day Trips

Get Your Guide

For day trips or short multi-day trips I love and use Get Your Guide. They have great customer service and use local, trustworthy ground companies. I've used them from Egypt and Morocco to Ireland and Cyprus. You can find my Get Your Guide link here.

Ferry Hopper

If you are looking to book a ferry during your adventures check Ferry Hopper. It's who I use and trust. You can find my affiliate link here.

Intrepid Travel

If you are looking for longer, group tours I highly recommend Intrepid Travel. I love their values and have had amazing travel experiences with them. Intrepid is also who I partner with for my group trips.

Clothing and Gear


You can find my amazon link here. 


I've been wearing lululemon since my university days. I love that the brand has become more size-inclusive and I can't complain about the quality (I still have a pair of lulu leggings from my uni days). My go-to Lulu leggings are the Wunder Train tights. My affiliate link for lululemon can be found here.

Diane Kroe

I partner with Canadian designer Diane Kroe who makes beautiful multi-way wear travel pieces. You'll see me wearing a lot of her clothing in my photos. Find her site here and use promo code HANNAH10 to save 10% (I earn commission off of this as well)


I also am affiliated with another Canadian clothing company called encircled. Again, you'll see me wear encircled clothing in many photos. It's a sustainable, ethical. and super comfortable clothing brand that I love to travel with. You can find my encircled link here. 

City Chic

I get a lot of compliments on the dresses I wear and most of them are from City Chic. You can find my affiliate code here.


Vessi offers waterproof shoes for men and women in a variety of styles. And I do mean waterproof, not just water resistant. Mine have some in incredibly handy for wet adventures (looking at you Ireland!) and are a great addition to my travel gear. My affiliate link should get you a free pair of socks with your order here. 

Airalo eSim

I like to have data when I travel so I use Airalo sims. They have country specific and 'region' options in some places as well. As long as your phone is unlocked they are easy to use and have a very responsive customer support team should you need help. They are available to purchase in the app and you can use promo code HANNAH3326.


Thank you for supporting my by using these links, I really appreciate it!