What to Wear in Israel (& Palestine): Packing Tips for Women

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Israel (and Palestine) was one of the most interesting places I have ever been. I learned a ton, saw even more, and left with a head full of knowledge (and, to be honest, a bit of confusion). Needless to say, I highly recommend it as a travel destination, especially if you love history as much as I do. However, figuring out what to wear in Israel. That sucked.

I HATE packing and despite all my travel experience, my thoughts towards packing have not changed. While I like to think I’m getting better at it, packing for Israel threw me for a loop- both times I visited.  After all, I had two things to consider: the weather and remaining culturally appropriate when required.

Standing in Temple Mount in Israel

Both times I visited Israel with in the winter months, so the weather was warmer during the day (at least for this Canadian girl) but quite cool in the evenings. I also had to be mindful that I was respectfully covered for the religious sites in Israel and my visits to Palestine (which is Muslim). However, I didn’t want to look like a total grandma for when I hit the bars and the streets of Tel Aviv which is pretty cool and trendy.

For inspiration, I made the mistake of looking on Instagram. Big mistake. I know Instagram is a fashion playground but what I saw just made me feel like I had the closet of a twelve-year-old and that nothing I owned was nearly cool enough for the hipsters of Tel Aviv. Needless to say, I didn’t quite get the help and inspiration I was hoping for which meant I was pretty much on my own for figuring out what to wear in Israel and Palestine.

While it took a while to figure out what to bring, in the end, I was happy with what I packed. So for any other ladies facing this same conundrum- I’ve got you! Here are my top packing tips for women on what to wear in Israel and Palestine.

Psst: Wondering what my must-have travel items are? Here’s what you’ll always find in my bag.

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Tops

When it comes to figuring out what to wear in Israel and Palestine, I found tops to be the hardest thing to pack. I knew that some places would be warm but I also had been told that I would need to have longer tops that covered past my elbows for certain places. So, my best tip when packing for Israel? Pack layers. Think t-shirts and/or tank tops and then some sweaters or a jacket or two that you can easily throw overtop when needed. 






My favourite go-to travel shirt is my evolve top by encircled which, if you’ve read any of my other packing guides, you will know features on every list. This is my favourite travel t-shirt of all time because it’s comfortable, cute, and very versatile. It was perfect for this trip. I wore it backwards so I’d have a higher neckline on the days I visited Palestine or religious sites and then I wore it frontwards with a lower neckline and the sleeves pinned up for our pub crawl in Jerusalem. 

Another convertible top that I love and is perfect for this is the convertible cami by Diane Kroe. It’s a tank top rather than a t-shirt, but you can wear it a couple different ways to change the neckline into something more covered or something a little more stylish. You’d definitely need to pair it with a sweater for the more sacred places, but it’s also ideal for normal street wear. PS you can use my promo code HANNAH10 to save 10% off any Diane Kroe purchase.

As for a jacket or sweater, I recommend brining a few different options because temperatures can fluctuate so much. I always travel with a layer jacket from Diane Kroe (I have one in black and one in red) which is a longer, lightweight sweater with a dressier look to it (again, use promo code HANNAH10 to save 10%). I love it because it’s soft, pretty, and the long length is perfect to pair with skinny jeans or leggings in more conservative places.

I also packed a jean jacket which came in very handy as well. 

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Bottoms

Bottoms were a little bit easier to pack. Jeans made my list as well as a couple of pairs of leggings. I kept the leggings for hiking days (like Masada or Mitzpe Ramon) and city exploring rather than when I went to Old City Jerusalem or Palestine.

If you plan on being active, I suggest lululemon leggings. My absolute favourite leggings are the invigorate tights which don’t slide down, have pockets, and they aren’t see through. These are my go-to travel leggings and I recommend them to everyone.

Another pair of pants that comes with me on every adventure are the dressy sweatpants, also from encircledThese are still fitted but not as tight as skinny jeans or leggings so, paired with a long top and my light sweater, they were my go-to for the more conservative tours and places we visited. Despite being called ‘sweatpants’ they aren’t heavy at all and normally make me feel like I’m wearing pj pants which I am 100% ok with.

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Skirts and Dresses


Skirts and dresses are also good options for Israel, though depending on the length they may not always be suitable. If you are just exploring around Tel Aviv, it won’t be a problem but if you are visiting religious sites or going to Palestine, you will need to be more cautious. My second visit to Israel was for Purim and I wore the dress above as part of my costume. I was fine walking around Tel Aviv and parts of Jerusalem, but I would never go into the Old City of Jerusalem like that. 

Maxi dresses are definitely your best bets. Shorter knee-length skirts you’ll be asked to cover up at religious sites (ie Temple Mount in Jerusalem), so take that into consideration as you dress for the day. Remember to consider the sleeves and neckline as well when wearing dresses. Amazon has some really cute maxi dresses that you can find here and here.

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Shoes

I brought three different types of shoes when packing for Israel. Depending on what you plan on seeing and doing, you may want more.

You will definitely want a comfortable pair of walking shoes for city exploring. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are huge cities and you don’t want to feel like your feet are falling off as you walk around them. I often wear just a pair of basic keds for this since they are light, comfortable and easy to pack. I wore mine in the dessert too but  if you plan on doing a lot of hiking, it may be worth it to bring some hiking boots. Whether you wear boots or runners for your hiking or city exploring, make sure you break them in and pair them with some good socks so you don’t end up with blisters. I love Under Armour socks which I find help prevent blisters and make sure your feet don’t smell gross by the end of the day.

I also brought a pair of flipflops. While I didn’t wear these for city exploring they were perfect for in the hostel. They are also ideal if you are staying at a property with a pool or for visiting the Dead Sea. My favourite travel flipflops are tevas because they kind of form to my feet over time and I find them a little more supportive (plus no blisters between my toes!)

Finally, if you do plan on going out at night to the bars or clubs of Israel, you’ll want some suitable footwear for that as well. Since I visited in the fall, I just wore a pair of flat booties that packed light and easy. If you are visiting during the summer, you may want some nicer sandals. If you are crazy (ok, coordinated) then perhaps you want heels.

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Swimwear and Outerwear

Floating in the Dead Sea

Swimwear is a must when visiting Israel. Even if you aren’t normally a pool or beach type (Tel Aviv is known for its beaches), you do have to try floating in the Dead Sea. It’s awesome (and hilarious). When packing your beachwear, don’t forget a cute cover-up or a sarong as well!

For outerwear, what you need to pack really depends on what season you visit. Remember, as scorching as Israel can be in the summer, some parts do see a bit of snow in the winter. I’m Canadian and left the sub-zero temperatures behind when I visited in November, so I didn’t find it too chilly. That being said, it did rain quite a bit so I do recommend bringing a waterproof jacket (I have and love this one from Columbia).

What to Wear in Israel & Palestine: Accessories

Make Hummus Not Walls street art in Bethlehem

Clothing is important but a few accessories will go a long way in making your visit to Israel more comfortable and easier. Here are a few of my must-have favourites.

      • A scarf: I used mine multiple times to cover my neck or chest in Palestine and some of the more religious sites. Sometimes I made it part of my outfit, other times I carried it with me just in case- and I did end up needing it. I brought a bright, floral one with me similar to this. Another type that you may like are these circle scarves with secret pockets.
      • A day bag: I always travel with a purse, but often in Israel I used a day bag instead. It was easy to throw my water bottle and camera in as well as my scarf or sweater. I bought this bag last year and take it with me everywhere. I love that you can fold it up tiny when not using it, it’s really light, and very durable.
      • Waterproof Sunscreen: Israel gets hot and sunny and even in November I got sweaty a few days. Waterproof is a must if you plan on any beach days, but is also handy for hiking or city exploring in warmer temperatures. I’m a big fan of this brand.
      • Re-usable water bottle: Israel has a garbage and plastic problem. Seriously- it’s everywhere. So don’t contribute, bring a reusable water bottle to help cut down on plastic (don’t have one? Try this one). Another great eco-friendly accessory you can bring is a metal straw (buy them here).
      • Anti-chafing cream: for any of my ladies who fear the dreaded chub-rub! I use body glide to help prevent it when I’m super active. It basically goes on like deodorant but not white residue crap on your clothing. There is one aimed at women as well but as far as I can tell it’s just a pink container instead of blue.

 Hopefully, this guide on what to wear in Israel and Palestine helps makes packing easier! Happy travels!

A Note on Travel Insurance in Israel

Please, do NOT travel without travel insurance! I’ve had to rely on mine twice before (once for damaged luggage, once because I developed a lung infection while traveling). While the cost may seem annoying and better spent elsewhere, trust me when I say you’ll be sorry if you don’t have it. For just a couple bucks a day, you can save yourself a whole lot of stress and money. I like to recommend SafetyWing for travel medical insurance. With prices starting at $37 for 4 weeks, they are one of the most affordable options I’ve found. Learn more about the importance of travel insurance here.

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    Thank you so much for this!! I am going in October and everyone I’ve talked to has said take hiking pants. But I’m a runner and have tons of running tights. I was planning on taking them but those I have talked to about taking tights kind of agreed but I got the “eye” 🙂 You’re blog was super helpful. I’m one of the younger ones in the group and like you said above I don’t want to walk around looking like a grandma for 2 weeks. Nor do I want to buy hiking clothes I will never wear again.

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