The Best of: Amsterdam in 1 Day

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Amsterdam is a popular European travel destination and while many come to spend a few days or even a week, it’s also common for visitors to only have one day in Amsterdam. This may be due to a layover, a river cruise, or perhaps just a planned day trip from a nearby city. While I definitely recommend spending more than 1 day in Amsterdam if possible, you can still see and do a lot with a limited amount of time. So, if you are short on time in the Dutch capital, here’s how to make the most out of Amsterdam in 1 Day.

Itinerary for 1 Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam isn’t a huge city but there are quite a few attractions and things to do. I’ve been a couple of times now so I’m basing my 1 day in Amsterdam itinerary based on my favourite things to do in Amsterdam. That being said, if you have your heart set on seeing or doing something that I don’t list here it’s not that it isn’t necessarily worth it, I just suggest this itinerary of highlights based on my own experiences and travel style. 

Take a Canal Cruise

Amsterdam Canals

I love walking through cities, and while Amsterdam is pretty walkable (just don’t get hit by a bike) I highly recommend taking a scenic canal tour. Amsterdam is known for it’s canals and being able to see the city from the water is a great way to start your day, especially if you take a guided canal tour like this one. It’s a great option to learn a little more about the city with some beautiful views. Plus, it only lasts about 75 minutes meaning you have plenty of time to see and do more with your 1 day in Amsterdam.

Visit one of Amsterdam’s Museums

I Amsterdam sign

Amsterdam has a seemingly endless number of really impressive museums, though with only 1 day in Amsterdam, I suggest choosing just one. In my option, your best options are either the Anne Frank House or the world-famous Rijksmuseum.

It’s best to decide ahead of time which one you would prefer because I absolutely recommend getting skip-the-line tickets in advance. These are two of Amsterdam’s top attractions and the lineups for both can be pretty ridiculous. Since the goal is to see as much as possible of Amsterdam in 1 day, you don’t want to be spending it standing in line.

I also suggest going to at least see the opposite of whatever you choose. The Anne Frank house is pretty important. I’ll admit I haven’t been inside yet (I did not book a ticket in advance and it was sold out) but I have gone to see it from the street. The Rijksmuseum, located on the Museumplein, is a gorgeous building that you definitely will want a photo of. 

Get your advance tickets to the Rijskmuseum here

Grab Lunch in Jordaan

Jordaan is a local neighbourhood in Amsterdam and, I think, one of the coolest parts of the city (it’s also where the Anne Frank House is located). The streets are quite pretty to wander and there are plenty of shops and, more importantly at lunchtime, cafes and restaurants. Take a look at the menus as you walk by and see what sounds good then, if the weather is nice, grab a seat outside and watch the world go by as you enjoy your lunch.

Ps: make sure to try a stroopwaffle somewhere! They are a famous Dutch treat and oh so delicious. 

Visit Vondelpark

Take a break from the crowds and the vehicles and head to Vondelpark to get a bit of peace and quiet in one of the best green spaces in Amsterdam. It’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike on a sunny day. You’ll see people reading, playing, or even napping on the grass or under the trees here. There’s also an open-air theatre which has free shows and concerts in the summer, so check ahead and see if there is anything on during your visit.

Visit The Flower Market

Flower market Amsterdam

A flower marker might seem like a strange suggestion for a one day in Amsterdam itinerary, but it’s the only floating flower market in the world making it unique and, of course, beautiful thanks to all the flowers.

The Flower Market has been around since 1862 and is an important part of the city. You can find all kinds of flowers here as single flowers, bouquets, or even bulbs that you can take home as a souvenir. It’s a colourful place and great for photos.

Visit Dam Square

Dam Square is the heart of the city. This is where you will find all the kitschy tourist souvenir shops and higher priced cafes and restaurants, but it’s also home to important landmarks such as the Royal Palace, National Monument, and Nieuwe Kerk (the church). The architecture in the area is quite nice so be sure to wander around a bit.

Try a Rijsttafel for Dinner


When it comes to Dutch food, well, compared to other cuisines, in my opinion, it’s nothing to get too excited about. They have great cheese and I love the caramel stroopwafels but other than that, I have to say I wasn’t overly excited about anything. That being said, one of the best dinners I’ve ever had was in Amsterdam and it was a Rijsttafel.

Rijsttafel is a Dutch word that translates to ‘rice table’. The meal consists of a large number (as in 40) of small bite-size dishes accompanied by rice which is normally prepared in several ways. The dishes are a mix of everything; eggs, satay, chicken, fish, vegetables, and of course dessert dishes. It’s a really fun experience but give yourself some time because it is a long meal.

I should also mention that this is definitely a sharing meal, not something you want to tackle alone. I ended up finding two other girls at my hostel when I first visited in 2013 that were game to try and we still didn’t eat everything.

Some of the best spots to try a Rijsttafel in Amsterdam are Blauw (a bit off the tourist trail) and Sampurna (more central).

Take a Tour of the Red Light District

Peep Show Amsterdam

The red light district tends to be something that tourists either really want to see or have zero interest in. Personally, as an ex-victim worker with an interest in human trafficking, I find it fascinating. Nighttime is the best time to see it in ‘action’ but I suggest taking a tour rather than just walking around on your own. There is a lot of history in the area and a lot to learn about the working women (and men) that you see in the windows. Plus, the tours have some great stories and interesting opportunities. The one I took gave us the opportunity to check out a peep show which was…interesting. You can read about my peep show in Amsterdam experience here.

Please note that it is incredibly important NOT to take photos of any sex workers. Many of the workers are from different countries where prostitution is illegal. If they were found out, they could be arrested and jailed when they go back home. This warning is also for your own safety as things get really nasty if they catch you taking their photo. Consider yourself warned!

If you plan on partaking in Amsterdam’s cannabis culture, your guide can help direct you to some trustworthy and safe places. For those who have early morning departures- keep in mind that the edibles here tend to be a lot stronger than what most people are used to!

Where to Stay in Amsterdam for 1 Day

If you are planning on spending the night in Amsterdam, I suggest staying near the train station which is central. Or even by Dam Square area which is within walking distance from Amsterdam Centraal Station. This will make it easy for you to depart either by train or plane the next day.

For a hostel: The Flying Pig Downtown

For a mid-range hotel: Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam

For a luxury hotel: Art’otel Amsterdam

One day in Amsterdam may seem very short, but you can manage to see and do a lot in the city during your short time.

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Only have one day to explore Amsterdam? Don't worry, you can fit in a lot! Here are my suggestions for how to spend one day in Amsterdam.

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