The Best Budget-Friendly Winter Getaways for Canadians

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When it comes to winters in Canada there’s no doubt; they are long. For many of us, too long. While white Christmases are magical and skiing/snowboarding can be a lot of fun, there comes a time where we all end up daydreaming of warmer days and sunshine and, well a winter getaway.

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely hit that point by now.

Of course, winter getaways are sometimes just a dream. However, just because you can’t afford to go to the Maldives or Bora Bora doesn’t mean that you can’t escape the cold. There are some fantastic budget-friendly winter getaway destinations for Canadians and they can be even more affordable when booked with Air Canada Vacations last minute deals.

About Air Canada Vacations Last Minute Deals

Vacation packages, especially when it comes to Caribbean destinations, are pretty common for Canadians. So what makes Air Canada Vacations a good choice for a winter getaway? Well, several things:

  • Vacation packages with Air Canada Vacations include 1 complimentary checked bag per person
  • Transfers to/from destination airport are included in your package
  • You can earn Aeroplan Miles on your booking or redeem them towards your vacation package
  • Air Canada Vacations flies to a number of destinations around the world, including many warm-weather destinations, on a fairly regular basis. For example, Air Canada has daily non-stop flights from Toronto to Punta Cana during the months of December-April.
  • Air Canada Vacations has last minute deals up to 40% off

That’s right, you could save up to 40% off your Air Canada Vacation by booking through their last minute deal page.

Let’s be honest, 40% is a pretty big deal when it comes to travel and savings. So the question really isn’t ‘should I book?’ but ‘WHERE should I book?’

Budget-Friendly Winter Getaway Destinations

When it comes to the Air Canada Vacations last minute deals page, there are plenty of destinations to choose from across the Caribbean, Central and South America, the USA, and more. Of course, if you are travelling during the winter you probably want somewhere sunny and warm. With that in mind, here are my top picks for budget-friendly winter destinations to consider for your Air Canada Vacation.

Cartagena, Colombia 

Old Town Cartagena Streets

OK, I’ll admit I only had 1 day in Cartagena but I love every minute of it and would love to go back for a few days and explore more. This city was just so much fun. I spent most of my day exploring the Old Town area of Cartagena which is filled with brightly coloured houses lining the streets. You’ll definitely want to make sure you bring your camera.

If you are looking for souvenirs check our Bovedas Market which actually used to be a prison. And, be sure to walk up the old town walls for the views over the ocean and, if you are lucky, an impromptu music session and dance lesson.

The city of Cartagena is great for exploring the history, culture, and of course local food and drinks but you can also combine your city adventures with some beach time as well. Close to Cartagena, there are several smaller islands with beautiful beaches where you can swim, snorkel, or just soak up the sun.

Cartagena must-do: If you are up for a party, explore the city with a Cartagena party bus tour. The rum keeps flowing and the music plays loudly as you make your way through the main tourist parts of the city. 

Los Cabos, Mexico

Mexico has lots of great vacation spots but I fell in love with Los Cabos. The small town felt relatively safe and friendly and the beach areas were beautiful. Plus, do I need to even say it? MEXICAN FOOD!

While I’m always happy with a good beach, the biggest draw for Los Cabos for me was the marine life. I visited in February which is whale season and we saw a dozen or so. Even just going out on the boat to see El Arco, we could see whales breaching and playing nearby. It was absolutely incredible.

Los Cabos and the surrounding area is also popular for watersports, especially scuba diving and snorkelling. I didn’t scuba dive while I was there but I’d love to go back for some local diving. Plus, in nearby La Paz which is about 2 hours away, there is also the opportunity to snorkel with Whale Sharks. I’d love to go back for that alone as swimming with a whale shark is one of my bucket-list travel goals.

Los Cabos must-do: Take a scenic boat ride out to the famous rock formations of El Arco. If you want some beach time, choose one that will drop you off at the sandy beaches and pick you up later.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dunns River Falls

I’ve been to Montego Bay, Jamaica twice now and had a great time on both occasions. Jamaica is a pretty small island and Montego Bay is a good base to use for day trips and excursions. My favourite? Dunn’s River Falls!

Dunn’s River Falls is a local waterfall that you literally climb up. Not beside it, IN it, so good water shoes are a must. Ok, maybe not a must be recommended. I climbed it barefoot and our guide panicked the whole time but, amazingly, I did just fine. Climbing Dunn’s River Falls is a ton of fun and even more fun when it’s combined with a catamaran ‘booze cruise’.

Other fun excursion ideas include visiting local rum distilleries, doing a Bob Marley tour, going ziplining or horseback riding, and swimming in the Luminous Lagoon.

Montego Bay must do: Visit the Rose Hall Great which was, according to legend, home to a witch with black magic.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Punta Cana was my first experience in the Caribbean and I loved it. I’m an ocean lover and spent most of my time here on the beach or in the ocean. We snorkelled, spent the day on a catamaran cruise and I even went parasailing.

Punta Cana had a bunch of day trip options but, for me, it was the perfect place to kick back, relax, and have a proper vacation. I didn’t feel rushed or like I had to check places or attractions off a list. It was all about enjoying the slow island life. Oh, and the delicious tropical drinks that can be found, well, everywhere.

Punta Cana must-do: Try the local liquor called mamajuana. It’s a rum-based drink made with local ingredients. It’s also considered to be an aphrodisiac!

Ready to trade the ice and snow for some sunshine? Take a look at the current last minute Air Canada Vacation deals here and book your winter getaway!

The best winter getaways for Canadians

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