7 Days in Ireland Travel Itinerary




Ireland’s west coast, around the Galway area, is my favourite area. To me, this is the part of the country that feels like most ‘Irish’. You can see the stormy seas and hear the Irish language. The fields (and sometimes roads) are full of sheep, and there are some pretty stunning castles in this area. Not to mention, since there are lots of smaller villages over bigger cities, the west coast of Ireland, in my opinion, just seems friendlier.

I’ve created this itinerary based on my favourite areas in this section of Ireland. It’s perfect if you like scenery and the outdoors paired with a little bit of local craic and pub life. Oh, and castles. If you want the ‘Irish fairytale’ type of experience away from the huge crowds, this itinerary is for you. 

This particular itinerary is easiest to do by car, however, I will leave some notes at the end on how you can do similar by public transit if you aren’t comfortable driving in Ireland.