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Are you the type of traveller who escapes as much as possible? You make the most of long weekend getaways and max out your annual vacation leave every year to explore the world? If that sounds like you then read on because I’m going to share how you can maximize your insurance coverage for a lower fee. After all, we could all use an extra few dollars for authentic Italian gelato or a cocktail on the beach.

What is Multi-Trip Insurance? 

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Multi-trip insurance works pretty much exactly how it sounds: it covers you for multiple trips. Typically, when you buy travel insurance, you are only covered for that specific trip whether it be 5 days or a month. When the trip is over, your insurance is up and if you choose to travel again you will need to purchase new travel insurance coverage.

With multi-trip insurance, you purchase insurance for a year and are covered for all of your trips within those 365 days. For example, say you plan a 2-week Brazil vacation in January to escape the Canadian winter. Then you plan a one-week Portugal escape in September. Instead of purchasing two separate insurance plans, one for each trip, you’d purchase the multi-trip insurance before your Brazil trip and then be covered by that same insurance several months later for your Portugal trip.

Keep in mind, multi-trip insurance does not mean you can travel for the entire year. soNomad gives you four coverage options:

  • 7 days
  • 15 days
  • 30 days
  • 45 days

When you sign up for multi-trip insurance you pick the option that best suits the trips you have planned throughout the year. So, if you choose 15-day coverage you can take as many 15-day trips as you want throughout the year. Just know your coverage for that specific trip ends when those 15 days are up.

The best part? With soNomad you don’t need to call to report your trips and travel dates. Just purchase your insurance, travel within the time frames you have selected, and you are good to go.

Who is soNomad?

soNomad is new to the insurance game but they are filling a gap that many Canadian travellers have been feeling.

While there is no shortage of travel insurance providers on the market they tend to be expensive. This is because they often go through a third party that marks up the cost. But soNomad avoids that, offering you the best rates possible.

As a Canadian, soNomad also stands out because it is easily accessible to us. My go-to travel insurance provider in the past has been SafetyWing, which has been fantastic. But they do have a very specific rule that you can’t purchase their insurance while physically in Canada. Canadians can still use if purchase it while outside of the country, but that doesn’t work for everyone.

What does soNomad’s Multi-Trip Insurance Cover?

soNomad’s multi-trip insurance is medical insurance only. This includes:

  • Emergency hospital visits
  • Emergency repatriation, including air ambulance
  • Emergency medical, including COVID coverage
  • Accidental dental and dental emergencies
  • Bedside visit for someone to visit you in hospital in specified circumstances
  • Return of vehicle if you are unable to return it yourself due to a covered medical condition.
  • Return of deceased in the event of death due to a covered medical condition.
  • Return to original trip destination (if you had to be returned to your residence in Canada under the ‘Emergency round trip
  • Coverage in the case of a loss due to acts of terrorism

*As always, be sure to read though the paperwork and fine print yourself to ensure you understand all insurance coverage.

Note that trip cancellation or interruption costs will not be covered by this insurance package. You can buy these coverage options separately directly with soNomad.

Who is multi-trip insurance for?

soNomad’s multi trip insurance is designed for individuals who travel frequently. It’s an ideal option for those who travel frequently or at least twice a year for either business of pleasure. As said above, multi-trip insurance is an annual purchase and you don’t have to report your travel dates while allows for a lot of freedom and flexibility.

That being said, if you are someone who travels for months at a time or periods longer than the 45 days, the multi trip plan might not be the best option. 

Get your free travel insurance quote from soNomad here.

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Can I extend my multi-trip insurance if I want to travel longer?

Yes! Say you purchase the 15-day option but end up travelling for 3 weeks instead of 2. Get in touch with the soNomad team and ask to extend your insurance policy for the extra week. You will have to pay a fee to extend but, like the original insurance package, the cost to do this is low compared to the competition.

Does soNomad cover out-of-province travel?

You bet! You can use your soNomad Multi-Trip insurance internationally or while travelling across Canada and know that you are covered every step of the way.

Does soNomad cover scuba diving and other adventure activities?

As a scuba diver myself, this is one of the first things I looked to. Yes, soNomad does cover scuba diving as long as you are qualified and only to a depth of 130 feet (39.624 meters). However, many other adventure activities such as bungee jumping, hang-gliding, mountain climbing, and paragliding are not covered. As always, be sure to read the fine print!

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