Haunted Pubs in Ireland Where You Can Drink with a Ghost

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Being the birthplace of Halloween, it’s no wonder that Ireland takes one of the top spots for most haunted countries in the world. I’ve already shared some of the most haunted castles in Ireland, some of which you can even sleep in. However, you don’t have to head to a castle to find a ghost in Ireland. You can have a drink with them too. Here are some of the most haunted pubs in Ireland.

The Brazen Head, Dublin

Brazen Head pub in Dublin, Ireland

The Brazen Head is recognized as the oldest pub in Dublin. So, it makes sense that it would have some spooky stories associated with it. It is said that one of this historic pub’s regulars is the ghost of a man named ‘Bold Robert Emmet.

Robert Emmet was an Irish patriot who used the pub to plan The Rising of 1798. Not only did he use the Brazen Head as a place for plotting, but he also lived above the pub due to the strategic location- close to Dublin Castle.

Unfortunately, the rebellion failed and Emmet was hung on September 20, 1803. He was then drawn and quartered. Today, his headless ghost haunts the Brazen Head and has been seen sitting in the corner watching the door for his enemies. Including his executioner who was also said to be a regular at this haunted pub.

Grace Neill’s, Donaghadee

While the Brazen Head is the oldest pub in Dublin, Grace Neill’s takes the title as the oldest pub in Ireland. It’s also considered to be one of the most haunted pubs in Ireland and has been the subject of several paranormal investigations.

Given this pub’s history, the ghostly visitors in this pub are said to range from fishermen to pirates and from businessmen to smuggler’s. Many shadows and ghostly men have been reported seen on the premises. Although the best known spirit here is that of Grace Neill herself; a Victorian-era woman who wanders the pub and looks in the various snugs.

Kyteler’s Inn, Kilkenny

Kytelers Inn in Kilkenny, Ireland

Kyteler’s Inn is one of the most popular pubs in Kilkenny today. However, this historic building (the oldest Inn in Kilkenny) was home to the legendary Dame Alice and is considered to be one of the most haunted pubs in Ireland.

Dame Alice was a wealthy woman. Part of that was due to being born to a wealthy family and part of that was because she married four times. After the death of her fourth husband, rumours started to spread that Dame Alice was a murderer and a witch.

Dame Alice was spirited from the country to England before she could be burned as a witch. However, her maid, Petronella was unable to escape that horrible fate and was tortured and burned herself. Today, a female ghost is said to haunt this Irish Pub, though patrons aren’t sure as to whether it’s Dame Alice come back to her home or the maid, Petronella.

Darkey Kelley’s, Dublin

Located close to the Christchurch Cathedral, Darkey Kelley’s takes its name from a well-known madame, Dorcas ‘Darkey’ Kelly, who owned a brothel on the same street in the eighteenth century.

The infamous woman is said to have had an affair with the local sheriff, participated in satanic rituals, and was rumoured to be a witch. She is although thought to have been Ireland’s first serial killer thanks to the five bodies that were found stashed under her floorboards.

Darkey was burned at the stake as a witch and her ghost (along with several others) is said to haunt the area around this pub.

Bull and Castle, Dublin

Bull and Castle Pub, Dublin

Famed Irish poet James Clarence Mangan, who penned Róisín Dubh was born on this property. According to the regulars, he still frequents the pub on occasion. Apparently, James Clarence Mangan was an unhappy man and it seems not much changed as his ghost is said to bring an ominous and cold feeling to the the Bull and Castle pub when he visits.

John Kavanagh’s, Dublin

If you go looking for John Kavanagh’s Pub in Dublin, you just may hear it called by another name: Gravediggers. Why? Well, it is located right beside one of the largest cemeteries in the city. So really, it’s no surprise that John Kavangah’s is known as one of the most haunted pubs in Dublin. After all, there are about a million people buried in the nearby land. There have been several spooky sightings here but this haunted pub’s main ghost seems to be a pretty friendly older fellow dressed in Irish tweeds. Those who have seen him say he just sits quietly at the bar, finishes his pint, and vanishes.

So, the next time you go out for a drink in Ireland, watch where you sit. You may end up in one of the most haunted pubs in Ireland and your seat may already be occupied.

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