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Ah Paris, France; the city of light and the city of love. Known as a romantic destination, it’s actually one of my favourite places to travel solo. Which is actually how I discovered that Paris, despite its popularity, actually has some really great budget-friendly accommodation options (and no, I don’t mean hostels). Sure, they may not have an Eiffel Tower view but if all you are looking for is a clean, comfortable, and central hotel that will allow you to make the most out of your visit to Paris, then this post is for you. I’m sharing the best cute and cheap hotels in Paris, France. 

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Cheap Hotel in Paris, France?

Eiffel Tower

Before I share my recommendations for cheap hotels in Paris, I should clarify what I mean by ‘cheap’. The hotels I’m sharing on this list can all be booked for $150 CAD ($115 USD) per night or less. Now, you may be thinking ‘that’s not cheap’ but when you consider that a bunk in a 12 bed dorm hostel in Paris will cost you, easily, $50 CAD per night then that $150 CAD for your own space and privacy does seem like a pretty good deal. Keep in mind, I’ve written this article with solo travellers in mind so most of the rooms at these low prices are for single (sometimes double) beds. The hotels all have bigger bed and room options that will still be considered cheap by Paris standards, but expect to pay an extra $50CAD or so.

I’ve also selected central hotels in the heart of Paris. While I’m a big fan of exploring new and different neighbourhoods, fact is that Paris is a huge city and to get the best experience you want to stay near the main attractions. Furthermore, I’ve chosen these cheap Paris hotels for their cleanliness, amenities, and service as well. As a solo female traveller, safety and cleanliness are important to me and something I always look out for when booking a place to stay. So while you can find cheaper Paris hotels, they aren’t going to be up to the same standard that I look for.

With that being said, here are my picks for cheap hotels in Paris, France.

Paris France Hotel

Paris France Hotel

I discovered Paris France hotel by accident when looking for cheap hotels in Paris. I was looking early and they happened to be the ‘daily deal’ on So, I decided to give them a shot and I’m glad I did. Paris France hotel is located in Le Marais which means it’s close to metro stations, plenty of cafes and restaurants, and in the heart of the city. My room had plenty of space for me and my luggage, with a decent sized bathroom. The staff were friendly and it was easy to find my way to; both in terms from arriving from the airport and from coming back after exploring. I highly recommend Paris France Hotel based on my experience and will definitely stay here again.

Book your stay at Paris France Hotel here. 

Hotel de Roubaix

Hotel de Roubaix

Hotel de Roubaix was another great find. It’s kind of a funky hotel in terms of the décor with brighter colours and some interesting art pieces. Rooms and bathrooms were on the smaller side (as is common in most of Europe) but comfortable. Like Paris France Hotel, the Hotel de Roubaix is also located in Le Marais district and easy to find with a nearby metro station. Breakfast is pretty basic: yogurt, croissants, cereal etc. and is an additional cost. But, it’s nice that the option is there to have breakfast at the hotel if you don’t feel like going out. My room was located at the back of the hotel, so I found it very quiet as well which was nice.

Book your stay at Hotel de Roubaix here. 

Hotel France Albion

Hotel France Albion

If you are looking for a fun boutique hotel, then check out Hotel France Albion. Located close to the Galeries Lafayettes shopping centre, it’s a perfect base for exploring the heart of Paris. Rooms are smaller, but comfortable and have their own private bathrooms. Breakfast is available at an extra cost (everyone loves the croissants) and there is also a hotel bar for those who want to enjoy a little night cap at the end of the day. It is located in a busier area, but the rooms all offer sound proofing to help make sure that you get a good night sleep before exploring.

Book your stay at Hotel France Albion here.

Garden Saint Martin

Garden Saint Martin

Garden Saint Martin hotel is located by the Canal Saint-Martin. It’s a more local area of the city so a good pick for travellers who have already been to Paris and are looking for a new neighbourhood to explore, or are looking for a more local Paris experience. It’s still close to a metro station which makes it easy to get to the main attractions, and there are plenty of great bakeries and restaurants nearby. Rooms are comfortable, cozy, and there’s free coffee and tea available to all guests. 

Book your stay at Garden Saint Martin here.

Hotel Le Compostelle

Another hotel located in Le Marais district, Hotel Le Compostelle is clean, comfortable, and central. All of the rooms here offer large windows making them bright and airy which guests really appreciate. A continental breakfast is available at the hotel, or you can try one of the many cafes, bakeries, or restaurants nearby. Rooms are basic, but comfortable and the staff are friendly and happy to help you make the most of your visit to Paris.

Book your stay at Hotel le Compostelle here.

Final Tips for Finding a Cheap Hotel in Paris, France

As mentioned above, I’ve aimed to keep the pricing of these hotels at $150 CAD (about $115 USD) per night and lower. That being said, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind to get these prices. Booking well in advance will get you the best deals. I actually left booking my hotel for my last Paris trip until the last minute and had to pay $50+ what I would have if I had booked when I checked pricing 3 weeks earlier.

Hotel pricing also depends on the season. I was able to stay in both the Paris France Hotel and Hotel de Roubaix for less than $100 CAD per night (including taxes and fees) when I visited Paris November. No doubt that summer months and weekends will see higher costs, but the same goes for all hotels.

So, basically, to really make sure you find cheap hotels in Paris, you’ll want to book early and, if possible, be strategic about the time of year (and days of the week) that you visit Paris. 

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