Experience the Magic of Christmas in London with these Festive Activities (2022)

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Flashing lights, roller coasters, and festive afternoon tea. Christmas in London isn’t as traditional or old-world as in some other European destinations like, say, Christmas in Vienna, but there’s something about the Holiday season in London that still gets me excited. There are London’s Christmas markets which range from carnival-esque fairs to quaint German-style wooden huts. London’s Christmas lights which vary from glittering elegance to wild and wacky neons. And, of course, Christmas shopping, Christmas shows, and Christmas tea in London.

I’ve wanted to see London at Christmas since I first watched Love Actually, and it was as magical as I hoped. There’s plenty to see and do in London at Christmas and even though there probably won’t be snow and the temperatures will feel more like an autumn day in October rather than a winter day in December (at least to this Canadian girl), the capital of England certainly does a good job in making you feel festive. Ready to explore? Here are my top recommendations for experiencing the magic Christmas in London.

London at Christmas

London Christmas Markets

I’m a huge fan of European Christmas markets and while London’s Christmas markets didn’t have quite the same charm as those in Germany or Austria, they are still a lot of fun to wander around and explore- especially if you come hungry.

London’s Christmas markets are a random mix of carnival/fair type places that are perfect for families to more food and drink oriented markets, perfect for grabbing a pint or a mug of gluhwein with your friends. Personally, I didn’t find any that were ideal for actual shopping or finding Christmas decorations and ornaments, but the London Christmas markets still had a great atmosphere.

There are several London Christmas markets spread across the city. Some are open daily in the weeks leading up to Christmas while others are more of a pop-up variety that only run for a day or two, normally over a weekend during the month of December. For this reasons, I suggest checking the London Tourism Board’s website in advance to see exactly what is going on during the time of your visit (you can find it here). However, there are four London Christmas markets that I definitely recommend popping into.

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is one of the most popular London Christmas Markets, however, I’m not sure I’d really call it a market. Winter Wonderland is more like a giant fairground with rides, games, beer tents, and plenty of yummy stands offering everything from bratwurst and pretzels to pints and chocolate. It definitely has a family-friendly vibe, though is appropriate for all ages.

London Winter Wonderland

Leicester Square Christmas Market

When it comes to London Christmas markets, I think that the one at Leicester Square was probably my favourite. Ironically, it’s also the smallest one that I went to, however with the lights through the trees and adorable wooden huts, it was the more picturesque and traditional looking Christmas market in London. I’d also say it was the best one to actually shop at; there was a selection of vendors offering jewellery, ornaments, and decorations among other things. I picked up two really cute Christmas tree ornaments here. Of course, there was some food and drink vendors as well.

Leicester Square Christmas Market

South Bank Christmas Market

If you are a foodie looking to socialize, then the best London Christmas market for you is the one at South Bank. It’s nearly all food and drinks so I suggest pacing yourself or going with a friend so you can share and try as much as possible. There are pizzas, Asian cuisine, sausages, fish and chips, steak and chips, and raclette served on garlic potatoes (which is delicious). The South Bank Christmas market also seemed to be one of the most social markets as well- plenty of people stopped by for a pint or a mulled wine and the crowds were pretty intense. That being said, it has a great atmosphere and it’s location, beside the London Eye, was picturesque as well.


Christmas by the River

Perhaps the largest of the London Christmas markets is Christmas by the River which is located along the river bank by the London Bridge. Unlike the other markets, which are clustered together and therefore very congested, Christmas by the river is spread out in a line which made it a little easier to explore and get around. As with the South Bank Christmas market, there are plenty of food options at Christmas by the River but there are a few artisans, jewellers, and photographers as well selling their work. With the backdrop of the London Bridge, Christmas by the River is a must visit when it comes to Christmas markets in London.

For more London Christmas markets, check the London tourism board’s website here.

London Christmas Lights

When it comes to Christmas in London, I tend to think that the light displays are the main draw. There are three main areas to see the London Christmas lights and, luckily, there are all relatively close together making it easy to walk from one area to the next.

London Christmas Lights

The best-known areas for London’s Christmas lights are Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden, and Carnaby Street. Oxford Street and Regent Street tend to have more elegant displays. My last visit, Oxford Street had silver and purple balls strung across the street while Regent street had elegant white displays that reminded me of angels. Covent Garden also had pretty white light displays of giant stars strung over the streets. Carnaby, on the other hand, is known for its funky and wild displays that constantly change. I’ve seen  tropical theme, bright HO HO HO lights, the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody strung above in bright, neon, colours.

Christmas lights in London

Please keep in mind that the London Christmas lights are a big attraction so the crowds and traffic in these areas can get pretty crazy. I made the mistake of going just after sunset, which also happened to be rush hour. The crowds were insane, so I’d suggest going later in the evening when it’s (hopefully) a little bit quieter. 

Christmas Tea in London

Christmas tea in London

London and afternoon tea go hand in hand, so why not get festive and have a Christmas tea in London during your visit? There is no shortage of tea houses across the city and the majority of them offer a holiday tea service. The big thing though is the price. As I scanned through some of the top Christmas teas in London, I noticed prices as high as 80GBP per person. I mean, I love a shortbread snowman as much as the next girl but I’m not sure if it’s worth $150 CAD. (Though if you think it is, then all the more power to you!) Thankfully, for those of us with tighter wallets, there are a bunch of smaller, lesser known tea houses that offer delicious food, great service, and holiday-themed treats.

Some of the classic spots for fancier (ahem, pricier) Christmas tea in London include The Ritz, The Langham, and the Savoy.

For those who are looking for something a little more budget friendly, I recommend Nobu Hotel London Shoreditch or the Tea Terrace.

Insider tip: be sure to check ahead of time and see if reservations are required!

Christmas Shows in London

The nutcracker

London is famous for its stage plays, musicals, and theatre, so why not take in a Christmas show in London during your visit? Classic Christmas shows in London include The Nutcracker and A Christmas Carol, however, there are some family-friendly options for young children as well. Just be sure to check the schedule for Christmas shows in London ahead of time so you can plan what to see based on your schedule. Or, if you are flexible, you can check last minute deals at TKTS London.

Christmas Shopping in London

You can’t do Christmas in London without some Christmas shopping in London! Personally, I love shopping abroad because you can often find different, unique things for those special people on your list. AKA no worries of duplicates. When it comes to Christmas shopping in London there is plenty of choice; shopping streets, malls, department stores. Heck, even some of the busier tube stations have shops in them. Personally, I skip past anything that I recognize at home (I’m looking at you H&M- you are EVERYWHERE!) and go to the local shops instead.

Harrods Christmas shopping in London

A must when Christmas shopping in London is Harrods. Yes, this department store is crowded (often with tourists) and yes, you can’t afford a good 90% of what they sell (unless you are secretly a millionaire; then please add me to your Christmas list). However, it’s fun to wander around and look and there are some affordable sections and brands. My favourite during the holiday season is Harrods’ Christmas World and the Harrods’ gift section which also features some fun holiday items and affordable gift ideas. From London themed Christmas decorations to adorable, fluffy Harrods’s teddy bears, cute tote bags with London icons and pretty mugs; Harrods’s makes Christmas shopping in London easy if you are looking for good quality souvenir type gifts.

If you are Christmas shopping in London for a woman, I love Monsoon and & Other Stories for women’s clothing and accessories. Monsoon is my go-to for cozy sweaters and & Other Stories always has fun, quality accessories for an affordable price.

For the fragrance lover (male or female) on your list, add Bloom Perfumery in Covent Garden to your list of places to go Christmas shopping in London. It’s not cheap, but they have a huge variety of scents and knowledgeable staff that are bound to help you find something special.

Fortnum & Mason

For the foodies on your list, be sure to stop by Fortnum and Mason which specialize in luxury food items in London. A classic idea would be some proper English tea and they also have some great holiday-themed hampers. In fact, when it comes to Christmas shopping in London, this is one of the places where you may want to do a little shopping for yourself as well!

London Christmas Hotels

The Dorchester, London

If you really want to experience London at Christmas, then your best bet is to stay in one of the most decorated London Christmas hotels. From fairy lights to Christmas trees, garlands and sparkling crystel ornaments, there are three London hotels that really stand out during the holiday season. So, if you are looking for the best London Christmas hotels I recommend: The Connaught, The Dochester, or Claridges.

What to Pack for Christmas in London

Christmas in London may not be cold and snowy but there are a few things you should pack; just in case.

Being that it is London which is in the UK which, let’s be honest, it known for its rain I highly suggest bringing an umbrella. Evenings can be a bit chillier, especially when the wind picks up. So you may also want to consider bringing a cute winter hat. If you plan on taking a bunch of photos and using your phone, swap mittens for these touchscreen gloves.  And finally, if you are feeling super festive, then why not bring a classic ugly Christmas sweater?

Final Word on Christmas in London

Despite the city’s history, London at Christmas is not as old-world and charming as you would think. But, rather fun, fast-paced, and bright. Foodies will love the London Christmas markets, shoppers will love the Christmas shopping in London, and those just looking to get in the festive spirit will love London’s Christmas lights, shows, and festive afternoon teas.

If you find yourself in the area during the holidays, it’s absolutely worth visiting London at Christmas!

Looking to see London at Christmas? From Christmas Markets in London to Christmas Lights in London, Christmas tea in London and more, here are my top picks to experience the magic of London at Christmas. #Christmas #London


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    Great information about Christmas in London! I had no idea there was so much going on and especially so many Christmas markets. Thanks for the information.

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      You’re welcome! I hope the tips come in handy 🙂

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