The Best Travel Clothes for Curvy Women

Ok ladies, let’s talk travel wear. The strappy dresses, string bikinis, and pretty convertible tops that seem to be featured on every packing list, round-up, and Instagram feed. Yes, they are adorable. And I’m sure they look amazing on many women. However, as a curvy girl who is often caught between regular and plus sizes,…

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Is the Amex Platinum Card Worth it? Why I Say Yes

*Editor Note: As of May 2020, American Express (like many credit card programs) has changed it’s welcome bonus to a much lesser value due to COVID-19. Since the welcome bonus is lower and perks such as priority pass can’t be enjoyed right now, I would hold off on this card. Hopefully, when things get more…

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The Carry on Cozy: A Must for Every Girl Headed to SE Asia

Carry on cozy

Ladies headed to South East Asia: I think I found the holy grail, and it is called the carry on cozy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no doubt great for travel everywhere. But having just spent 4 months in sweltering countries filled with must-cover-up temples, but also having to deal with freezing planes and air…

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