The Perfect 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco

Disclaimer: My 3 Day Sahara Desert tour in Morocco was sponsored by Get Your Guide. All opinions are my own.  I gazed out at the sea of golden sand dunes spread in front of me, stretching further than I could see. The ‘Arabian Nights’ song from Aladdin circled through my head as I watched the sun…

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Why the Ladyboy Show in Chaing Mai is a Must See

Ladyby Show Chiang Mai

I can still remember the first ladyboy I saw in Thailand. She was beautiful. Her black hair was silky smooth, not a strand out of place. Her makeup was flawless, complete with the perfect winged eye liner that I can never manage get just right. A form fitting white dress hugged her curves and she rocked…

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Where to Stay in Oahu, Hawaii: Honolulu & Beyond

Headed to Hawaii and wondering where to stay in Oahu? I get it. My first trip to Hawaii I spent about 1 week in Oahu and struggled to pick a place to stay. Did I want to stay downtown? By the beach? Away from Honolulu and the crowds? Despite being a relatively small island, there…

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Solo Travel in Bali: Why I Didn’t Love it

Solo Travel in Bali

When I booked my fights to Bali I was beyond excited. I imagined sandy beaches, beautiful rice terraces, tropical drinks, exotic temples, and first class dive sites.  It didn’t disappoint. The beaches were busy, but nice. The rice terraces were gorgeous to walk through (when it wasn’t pouring rain). The temples were great to explore and…

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How to Spend One Day in Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca was one of the cities that people told me not to bother with when I was planning my trip to Morocco. Of course, it’s also where I found the cheapest flight to. Figures. But, of course I booked the cheapest flight and planned on just spending one day in Casablanca before moving on to…

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