Blogging & Freelance Writing Resources

Hannah Logan standing in long grass looking at trees changing colours

Do you crave more freedom? Are you considering starting a blog or getting into freelance writing so you can work for yourself? Let’s make it happen.

I’ve been writing and blogging since 2012, but took the plunge to turn my passion into my business in 2017. Today, I spend about half of the year travelling the world with zero debt and a healthy savings and retirement fund for when I do decide to settle down.

No, I don’t make millions, but I’ve created a successful business for myself that allows me to live comfortably, save for my future, and have the freedom I’ve always wanted.

So, if you are looking to build your own business as a writer, this section is for you. From making a passive income through blogging to landing freelance assignments that pay 4-figures, I’m sharing my personal tips and advice that have led to my success in the resources below.