The Best of Slovenia in 3 Days

I first became interested in visiting Slovenia when I stumbled upon a photo of Lake Bled. It was basically love for first sight and I knew this was somewhere I needed to see for myself.  I did some research on the country and discovered that there was a whole lot more to see than just…

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How to Spend One Day in Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca was one of the cities that people told me not to bother with when I was planning my trip to Morocco. Of course, it’s also where I found the cheapest flight to. So, of course, I booked the cheapest flight and planned on just spending one day in Casablanca before moving on to a…

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The Perfect 3 Day Sahara Desert Tour in Morocco

Disclaimer: My 3 Day Sahara Desert tour in Morocco was sponsored by Get Your Guide. All opinions are my own.  I gazed out at the sea of golden sand dunes spread in front of me, stretching further than I could see. The ‘Arabian Nights’ song from Aladdin circled through my head as I watched the sun…

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How to Spend 3 Days in Krakow: A Krakow Itinerary

I fell in love with Krakow the moment I exited the train station and began walking towards Old Town. It was dark outside and seeing the walls and the gate all lit up under the navy blue sky brought an instant smile to my face. As a lover of fairytale towns, I knew I would…

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The Best of Stockholm in 2 Days

Nicknamed the Venice of the North, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, quickly became one of my favourite cities.  Made up of 14 islands in the inner city, Stockholm is a Scandinavian gem with tons to offer. Although it is also one of the most expensive places I have been (think $10+ for a beer), I…

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3 days in Iceland Itinerary: See the Best of Iceland

Iceland Waterfalls

Ah Iceland. It’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that nobody knew about this island country. Thanks to Game of Thrones, that’s all now changed but even when I first visited in 2012 people were more confused than interested. Looking back on the Iceland that I experienced in 2012 compared to Iceland…

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The Do’s and Dont’s of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland

  Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is probably one of the first things you think of when someone mentions Iceland, and it’s easy to understand why. The milky-blue water set in the middle of a volcanic landscape is extraordinary. And the idea of warm soothing heat to help relax and heal your tired body? Well that helps too.…

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ESBT Antarctica January 2025

Adorable Gentoo penguins shuffling along their penguin highways. A pudgy baby elephant seal, poking around our emergency supplies. A massive humpback whale, popping up beside us to eye our zodiac. Luminous blue icebergs sculpted by nature to look like ice castles. And glaciers too big for my brain to actually comprehend their size. This is…

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Bologna to San Marino: A San Marino Day Trip

Castle-lake towers, winding cobblestone streets, and a crossbow association: this is San Marino. One of the smallest countries in the world and an absolute must-visit if you find yourself in the area. In the blog post I’m sharing how you can plan the perfect San Marino day trip from Bologna. A Little Bit About San…

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Paros Itinerary: How to Spend 3-5 Days in Paros, Greece

Hannah in a red dress sitting on a boat with a Greek flag waving in the wind

Paros was the first Greek island I visited in 2019. And after my tough experience in Morocco, it felt like heaven. I loved the beaches, the tavernas, and the winding streets of the traditional Cycladic villages. Plus, as a solo female traveller, I always felt safe and comfortable which is so important. My experience here…

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Things to do in Trieste, Italy

Trieste, Italy wasn’t really somewhere I ever expected to go until I found a cheap flight. I only spent two days in this coastal city and quickly came to appreciate its quiet charms. It may not have as much to do as Rome, be as beautiful as Venice, or have the foodie scene of Bologna,…

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Best Places to Travel Solo: Venice

Think Venice is only for couples on romantic vacations? I dare you to think again. Venice seems to be a hit or a miss with most people. A lot of visitors downplay this infamous city, claiming it’s too touristic, too expensive, or even too fake. I disagree completely. Venice is one of my favourite cities.…

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The Best of: 3 Days in Budapest

Known as the Pearl of the Danube and the Paris of Eastern Europe, Budapest is a mecca for all kinds of travellers. Whether it be a couple on a multi-day European river cruise or young backpackers looking for a cheap place to party, the capital of Hungary has a little something for everyone to enjoy…

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31 Unmissable Things To Do in Santorini, Greece

Santorini is one of those places that seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday or visiting as part of a Greek island sailing tour, Santorini really is a must. But, aside from the beautiful villages of Oia and Fira, what exactly is there to see and do…

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Luxury Hotels in Santorini: Why They Are Worth the Splurge

When it comes to exploring the Greek Islands, Santorini seems to be at the top of everyone’s list, for fairly obvious reasons. This postcard-perfect island is stunning. The white villages perched on the rocky clifftops look like they popped off the pages of a children’s storybook and the vibrant blue domes contrasting against the white…

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Where to Stay in Santorini: Fira, Oia, or Elsewhere?

When it comes to the Greek islands, Santorini is probably the most famous. This stunning island is known for its white villages with blue-domed churches perched on the tops of towering cliffs. It’s the iconic image of the Cyclades islands and one of the most photographed destinations in the world. As such, it’s a very…

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The Best Things To do in Rhodes, Greece: A Rhodes Itinerary

Hannah sitting in front of a gate in old town rhodes with the castle in the background

Greece has thousands of Islands and while I’ve been to several (with plans to visit many more) I have to say that Rhodes is one of my favourites. The island is big enough to keep you busy for several days while maintaining the island charm. Known for its castles, beaches, wineries and incredible history, Rhodes…

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Solo Travel in Greece: Tips for Female Travellers

Solo travel in Greece

Greece was a country I had wanted to go to for years, and yet when I finally made my plans to visit, the advice that I was given wasn’t quite as positive as I hoped which, to be honest, surprised me as Greece is a popular travel destination and solo travel in Greece seems to…

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The Best of: Amsterdam in 1 Day

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is a popular European travel destination and while many come to spend a few days or even a week, it’s also common for visitors to only have one day in Amsterdam. This may be due to a layover, a river cruise, or perhaps just a planned day trip from a nearby city. While I…

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The Best of Riga in 2 Days

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is still considered to be ‘off the beaten track’ for many travellers, especially non-Europeans. When I visited, I was the only North American in my hostel. I surprised a lot of people when I told them I was Canadian which was actually kind of fun. Despite being under the radar, Riga…

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1 Day in Athens, Greece: A History Lover’s Itinerary

Athens, Greece is amazing. I landed here for the first after spending 2.5 weeks backpacking through Morocco and I honestly could have kissed the ground when I arrived and started to explore the city (you can read my real thoughts on female travel in Morocco here). Sure, Athens has a couple rough bits and yes,…

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