How to Best Spend 2 Days in Porto, Portugal

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I spent an amazing (though fast) week in Portugal and quickly fell in love. The beautiful cities, affordable prices, and friendly locals made it a fast favourite. Not to mention I felt completely welcome and safe travelling solo in Portugal. However, while I enjoyed the whole trip it was Porto that I liked the most. Something about the small town on the river with colourful buildings and, of course, the delicious port wine. Even though I only had two days in Porto it quickly stole my heart, and I’m sure it will do the same for you. Here’s a guide to Porto and my best tips for how to get the most of 2 days in Porto, Portugal.

Sunset in Portugal

How to get to Porto

Getting into Porto is easy. If you are flying, you can fly directly into Porto’s airport and from there take the metro into the city centre.

If you are coming from elsewhere in Portugal, such as Lisbon, you can take the train which also will take you directly into the heart of the city. It is also further connected with the metro.

Renting a car is also a popular method of transportation in Portugal and, of course, you can drive right through the city as well.

Getting Around Porto in 2 Days

The best way to get around Porto is by foot, which I love because I think walking is always the best way to experience a city. Porto is small enough that you can easily walk around between the sites and attractions. There is a public transportation city if required, but since you only have two days in Porto, you should walk as much as possible. It’s a beautiful city so you want to see as much as you can. 

Where to Stay for 2 Days in Porto

Again, Porto isn’t very big so as long as you are actually in Porto it’s pretty easy to get around. I stayed right in the heart of the city, by Sao Bento Train Station and the Clergios Church, and it wasn’t too loud at night which was an unexpected bonus. Here are some of my recommendations for where to stay in Porto for 2 days.

Hotels: Supernova Hostel,  Pilot Design Hostel and Bar

Mid-range hotels: HF Ipanema Porto, Porto Antas Hotel, Mercure Porto Centro

Luxury hotels: Pestana Palacia do Freixo, Palacio Das Cardosas, Crowne Plaza Porto

*Note: Sometimes I like to also advertise Airbnb options in my travel guides however, I am not going to do this for Portugal. The reason being that Portugal is one of the countries where the locals are being severely negatively impacted by Airbnb programs. Residents are losing their homes thanks to the drive in rental prices so please keep this in mind and support local hotels and accommodation options rather than choosing an Airbnb.

How to Spend 2 Days in Porto

Day 1 in Porto: Explore the City Centre

 Porto, Portugal

Morning: Get a Feel for Porto with a Walking Tour

I love walking tours. I love free walking tours even more. It’s an easy way to get a feel for the city, get some great stories, and figure out what exactly the ‘must-sees’ are from a local expert. Most free walking tours last about three hours which may seem long, but it goes by really quickly. Especially if you have a great guide. I went with Porto Walkers and it was one of the best free walking tours I’ve taken to date. Plus, they make a special stop at a local woman’s house who makes incredible dessert that, yes, you can buy! Who said you can’t have dessert before lunch? (If she has the chocolate cake available, get it!)

A free Porto walking tour will take you past many of Porto’s most iconic sites and buildings including Porto Cathedral, Praca de Liberdade, and the Igreja do Carmo. 

Afternoon: Architecture and Attractions

After the walking tour, you’ve probably seen or heard of a few places that you’d like to see more of or visit. Tastes differ (for example, I’m not a museum fan), so I’m not going to tell you what you must do, but I am going to share my favourites which include:

  • São Bento Train Station: You may have arrived here but it’s worth going back for another look. The azulejos (blue tiles) are stunning and showcase important historical events in Portugal.
  • Clérgios Tower: The highest point in old town. There are 250 steps to climb but the reward is a stunning panoramic view over the city. Get your tickets here.
  • Livraria Lello: The famous ‘Harry Potter’ bookshop. It’s a popular spot so you may have to wait in line but evenings tend to be quieter than mornings.
  • Majestic Café: This stunning café was ranked as one of the top 10 most beautiful cafes in the world. But it’s pretty pricey, so rather than having a meal in stop in for a coffee to rest your feet and enjoy the interior.

Evening: Catch the Sunset

There are a few sunset spots in Porto but for your first night, I would recommend heading to the Crystal Palace Gardens. There are beautiful grounds and you can grab a seat on a bench or a perch on the stone wall and watch the magic. Now, the actual sunset is behind you, so you won’t actually see it. But, you are facing the city and the river, so what you will see is the sky change into pinky oranges then purply-blues which is total magic when all the lights start to twinkle on. Since this isn’t an official ‘sunset’ spot, you won’t get the crowds either. After the sun sets, grab a late dinner. 

Day 2 in Porto: Ribiera and Vila Nova de Gaia

Two days in Porto

Morning: Ribiera

Porto’s Ribiera is the historic riverfront area. The colourful buildings are home to shops, cafes, restaurants, and more. Wander through the streets then spend some time on the waterfront by taking a Douro River cruise. The cruise will take you up and down the waterfront allowing picture-perfect views of the city and its impressive bridges. Keep an eye out for local kids jumping off of the bridges! They usually jump after getting a few euro from tourists.

Book a river cruise here.

Afternoon: Vila Nova de Gaia

If you didn’t already know, Vila Nova de Gaia is actually the name of the area on the other side of the river. The city of Porto is only one part of the river. However, you can easily walk back and forth across the bridge and see both. Gaia is where you will find the famous port cellars. Take a tour, go for tastings, or just sit and relax on one of the patios and enjoy your afternoon.

Looking for a port wine tour? Try this one. 

Evening: Enjoy a Night out in Porto

If you are looking to party, Porto will keep you going all night long and well into the morning. If you are looking to dance and party, then head to Plano B which hosts both concerts and live DJs. For something a bit classier, grab a cocktail at Flow- a modern and spacious restaurant and bar. If you are visiting during the summer months, then try Base; an open-air bar with funky music and laid back vibes. 



Have More Time? Consider Some Day Trips from Porto

Douro Valley Portugal

Porto is a great city in its own right, but it also makes an ideal base for exploring the northern part of Portugal. These are some of the best day trips from Porto.

Douro Valley: My visit to the Douro Valley was probably my favourite day of my week in Portugal. The scenery is stunning, the port and wine was delicious, and the boat ride was relaxing. You can read more about my day trip to Douro Valley from Porto here.

Book a day trip to the Douro Valley here

Guimarães and Braga: If you love medieval cities, then this is the day trip for you. Beautiful architecture and historic buildings are the main draws here. Must-sees include the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza and the Bom Jesus Sanctuary.

Book a day trip to Guimarães and Braga here

Santiago de Compostela: Cross the border into Spain for a day and visit one of the most important pilgrimage sites in all of Europe: Santiago de Compostela. The Cathedral here is absolutely stunning and the winding medieval streets of this UNESCO city are fun to explore as well.

Book a day trip to Santiago de Compostela here

What to Eat and Drink in 2 Days in Porto

Port Wine

Porto, like the rest of Portugal, has a diet that is heavy on the seafood and (in my experience) light on the vegetables. That being said, the food is pretty good and it’s easy to find cheap and affordable meals.

There are a number of different Portuguese dishes worth trying. Bacalhau or codfish, are one of the most common items on the menu. The Portuguese prepare it in a number of different ways so definitely try a couple of different dishes. Sardines are also commonly associated with Portugal, however, visitors should note that sardines are a very seasonal food and if you see them on a menu outside of that specific season (July and August) they are likely canned or farmed illegally. And, of course, no visit to Portugal is complete without trying the pasteis de nata, or egg tarts. However, while all of these dishes can be found across the country, there are a couple of things that are special to Porto.

The best-known dish in Porto is the francesinha. A francesinha is a massive sandwich filled with five different meats and topped in a beer-based sauce. It’s big, messy, and delicious and you will probably want to share unless you are planning on a huge nap after.

Porto is also where Port wine comes from, so drinking port is an absolute must when in the city. I shared some of the best port cellars above but be sure to have a glass after your meal in restaurants as well.

Must-Pack Items for Porto

Douro Valley, Portugal

Porto gets a mix of weather throughout the year. Summer is hot and humid while winters can be cool and rainy. Make sure to check ahead of time and plan appropriately. That being said, these are a few must-haves.

  • Sneakers/running shoes/casual shoes… anything other than flipflops. All of Portugal is very hilly and the streets can be super slippery.
  • A waterproof coat- especially outside of summer. Make sure to get waterproof not water resistant. I love Columbia products for this; both for men and women.
  • Reusable water bottle– tap water is safe to drink so save your money and take advantage.
  • Adaptor– so you can charge your electronics safely
  • Sunscreen– that sun is strong! So protect your skin. I like to recommend reef-safe sunscreens in case you do go to the beach or the ocean during your trip.
  • Lockable day bag: pickpockets are common throughout Portugal so a little extra security never hurts!
Psst: Wondering what my must-have travel items are? Here’s what you’ll always find in my bag.

Fun Facts About Porto

2 Days in Porto

Did you know that…

      • Portugal is actually named after Porto.
      • Gustave Eiffel (aka the same man who built the Eiffel Tower) designed one of Porto’s bridges
      • Porto is home to one of the biggest street festivals in Europe: St. John’s Festival which takes place between June 23 and June 24theach year.

Porto is an amazing city and an absolute must when visiting Portugal. While you could stay longer, 2 days in Porto is a great amount of time to discover this beautiful city and I hope that, with the help of this Porto guide, you will love it as much as I did.

A Note on Travel Insurance in Portugal

Please, do NOT travel without travel insurance! I’ve had to rely on mine twice before (once for damaged luggage, once because I developed a lung infection while traveling). While the cost may seem annoying and better spent elsewhere, trust me when I say you’ll be sorry if you don’t have it. For just a couple bucks a day, you can save yourself a whole lot of stress and money. I like to recommend SafetyWing for travel medical insurance. With prices starting at $37 for 4 weeks, they are one of the most affordable options I’ve found. Learn more about the importance of travel insurance here.

Porto was my favourite stop in Portugal, and even though I only had two days to explore, I managed to see a lot. Here's how to make the most out of two days in Porto, Portugal. #Portugal #Porto

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